Monday, June 1, 2009

Review: Marked (House of Night, #1) by P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast

Sink your teeth into this one!

I was given this book to read as I waited for another popular vampire book to be released. Marked took me by surprise. I enjoyed the plot, I found the characters immediately likable, and it was just what I was looking for at that time. It was a quick read (less than 3 days) and I headed right out to get book #2. This is listed as young adult, and has more high school angst than I'm used to, but I actually think this would make a better movie than the other vampire series I was reading...but that's just my opinion.

In P.C and Kristin Cast's world, House of Night is a school for "marked" vampires, or young vampires to come and learn about their new abilities and lives before they experience the change into full-fledge vampires. Vampyres (instead of Vampires) are known and identified by their markings, but are not truly accepted in the human world. In Marked, we follow the new fledling vampire, Zoey Redbird. Zoey is in high school when she is first marked, and has trouble transitioning from her old friends and boyfriend to her new friends, her new school, and her new identity. She is no longer like her human friends, but she is different from other vampires as well. She has exceptional abilities and is marked in a special way by their goddess, even before she is changed to a fully grown vampire. This makes her both revered and a threatened.

There are two things that make the House of Night series different from other vampire books that I've read: 1. The vampires are a part of society. Even though they go to a different school in the beginning, once they are full-fledged adult vampires, they intermingle with humans. Movie stars and professional athletes are very often vampires -- and why shouldn't they be with their super strength and beauty? 2. The vampires are more like traditional witches than they are stereotypical vampires. They call the four corners, cast spells, and use herbs and blood in potions -- a cool twist to the storyline.

MOVIE POTENTIAL: The "other" vampire series I was referring to here is Twilight. After finishing up the Twilight saga, and seeing the first movie, I stand by my last statement. I do believe that the House of Night series would make a better movie. If anyone has any thoughts on that, I'd love to hear it!

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keely said...

i agree. I do think that this would make a better movie than Twilight, because I don't think that those movies were very good. They did not do the book justice!

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