Monday, June 15, 2009

Review: Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse Series, #1) by Charlaine Harris

Great series!

I'm a fan of Twilight, and the House of Night series, not to mention my early obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so it was only a matter of time before I picked up the first Sookie Stackhouse book. With the buzz surrounding HBO's True Blood, and, quite frankly, all things vampire, I couldn't help myself.

I really liked this book. It is certainly an adult series, with more gore and a lot more sex than I'm used to, but not opposed to. The main character, is Sookie Stackhouse (big shocker there), and is unlike me in every way. I was sure she was going to annoy me, but instead, she really started growing on me. She's a small-town girl, who works as a waitress in a small-town bar, and all her friends have always lived in the same small town...and makes no apologies for her small-town Southern ways. She has pride and guts, and even though she's not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, she is interesting. Sookie has an ability to read minds, which keeps her from becoming too vulnerable. The vampires in the book are your more traditional breed -- they bite, they're sexy, they can't go out in the sunlight, they sleep in coffins, and they can be staked to death. Did I mention the sex and gore? These vamps also came out of the "coffin"into mainstream USA, and one walks into the bar where Sookie works. Enter Bill, the book's main vampire, and Sookie's new boyfriend. I have a feeling I might have found myself a new vampire series.


Alex the Girl said...

I love the way she keeps them vampiric, but at the same time outs them to the world. Good review.

trishalynn0708 said...

The sex is what really drew me into the series as I was reading the first book. lol. It really set this series apart from Twilight.

Sheri said...

I really am surprised that you took to this series like you did. And here I was advising you not to bother to read these. Oh well, enjoy your new guilty pleasure. I'm still looking for mine, but have found something promising.

Alison said...

Sheri, you and me both! What's your promising find?? Do tell!!

Jenn V said...

Ok, I think I am one of the few who hated this series. Granted, I only read the first one and then a little of the 2nd one but it's so unimaginitive. I grew up reading Anne Rice and I think it ruined me for any other vampire series. The Sookie series is nothing but porn (not that I am opposed to porn hee hee) but I find in this premise it turns me off rather than on. I like to think of vampires as rich, historical characters with some class and repressed sexuality. And no, I did not go to catholic school. :-)

Alison said...

Jenn, trust me, you are not alone in not liking the Sookie Stackhouse series. No judgement here!

I am almost done catching up on the series (I have read 8 books so far) and I will say that Charlaine Harris lightens up a bit on the sex scenes. The last two I've read are much more PG-13 than porn...something I appreciate. I'm a "fade to black" kind of girl -- like the Doris Day movies where the audience imagines what happens next instead of taken through every grunt and grope.

For the amount of vampire books I have read this year, I'm embarassed to admit, I have never read Anne Rice. I know! I know! Throw stones! Come after me with pitchforks! I will, I promise!

Anonymous said...

You have to read Anne Rice!!! From one Jersey girl to another, I insist! Then you can do a compilation of vampire books and reviews for those of us who enjoy the bloodthirsty kind :-)

~Jenn V

Alison said...

Okay, Jenn. You convinced me. I will pick up Anne Rice the next time I'm at the library. Tell me which one to read first, and I'll do a little Vampire Series of reviews around Halloween. Deal?

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