Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review: Shadow of Betrayal by Brett Battles (Jonathan Quinn Series #3)

Release Date: July 7, 2009

Review: If I say nothing else about this book I have to say this: I can't wait for the movie!

I was lucky enough to have received an Advanced Reader's Copy of Brett Battles latest Jonathan Quinn book. I was worried that I had not read the first two books in the series before sitting down to read this one. To my pleasant surprise, it was not a problem. The author does a wonderful job of keeping the reader in the know, with important information without droning on and on about details insignificant to the plot at hand. And what a fast-paced plot it was! The entire story was smart, action-packed, and tense in all the right places.

In Shadow of Betrayal, the "cleaner", Jonathan Quinn, takes on three assignments that he apparently owed one of his employers. He works with an apprentice, Nate, and a feisty, sexy operative, known as Orlando. At first, the three assignments seem quite independent from one another, but Battles slowly and cleverly weaves them all together, pointing to a group known as the LP -- a shadow organization working from both within and without the U.S. government. The L.P. is abducting children, children with special needs. But why? What is the end game? And even though it isn't part of his original agreement with his employer, will Jonathan Quinn and his team be able to stop it?

Now that I have read book #3, I will go back and read the first two books while I anxiously await Book #4. There will be a book 4...right??


Anonymous said...

Off to reserve this.


Alison said...

Judi, not that it's necessary if you don't want to, but I plan on going back to the first in the Jonathan Quinn series, The Cleaner by Brett Battles.


J. Kaye said...

I have read his first two books....great writer!

okbolover said...

Can't wait to start on The Cleaner. It's on my shelf waiting to be read (it's a library book so I'm definitely going to read it soon)

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