Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review: Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse #4) by Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse #4. It's a new year in Bon Temps, and Sookie makes a Resolution: "I just hope to not be beaten up...I don't want to go to the hospital. I don't want to see a my resolution is to stay out of trouble." Yes, I actually chuckled out loud.
All along, Sookie has been telling us, once the vampires came out into the open, who knows what other supernatural creatures were lurking in the shadows? We find out about some other supernatural creatures, alright. Bill is out of the country, so we don't see much of him at all; Eric had his memory wiped out, so we get to see a vulnerable side of him, along with his perfect backside; the witches are out in full force; the weres have more family members than we expected; and we are introduced to one character whose existence still has me scratching my head.

Like the other books in this series, there was a lot of action, a lot of blood, and Sookie is growing into one tough cookie.


bermudaonion said...

I'm doing the Sookie challenge and haven't read any of the books yet! I need to get to work. I'm glad they sound like fun.

Alex the Girl said...

Boil, boil, toil and what the? While "Club Dead" is one of my favorites, "Dead to the World," comes in a close second. I love that Bon Temps, and apparently the rest of the world, seems to be swarming with the supernatural. What a life! Great review.

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