Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teen Read Week: A Brilliant Idea

This week is Teen Read Week. I have been browsing the web finding various ways that high schools and libraries are celebrating Teen Read Week, and I came across one of the best ideas and had to share it.

Hunterdon Central High School, in Flemington, New Jersey, calls it One School, One Book. Not only does HCHS have a great book club, called Bookworms, which meets every two weeks to discuss a great book outside the school curriculum, but they were a part of the YALSA Young Adult Galley, the group that chooses the Teen Read Week Top 10. Hats off to you, Bookworms!

From the HCHS webpage:

Why is everyone carrying around the same book? Why is my teacher reading the same book as the custodian, my bus driver, the cafeteria staff, the secretary, and the librarian?

It's One School, One Book! Before the second week of October, the entire school (staff and students) is invited to share one reading experience. There will be activities of all kinds...something for everyone! So don't be left out! Copies are available for $7.99 at Borders, or you can check a copy out from the IMC starting Monday, June 15th. Throughout the summer, books can be checked-out or returned Monday - Thursday. Don't forget your ID! Go, share, and experience - One School, One Book!

HCHS chose Three Little Words: A Memoir by Ashley Rhodes-Courter for it's One School, One Book initiative. The Bookworms are currently reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.


catherine said...

Hi Alison. Our middle school in Mendham Twp. did the same thing, but at the beginning of the year. We read Rules by Cynthia Lord. It's a good idea, but was a little hard to do in our school because we have grades 5-8. The interest level for grade 5 isn't exactly the same for 13-14 year olds. Glad you finally read The Glass Castle. I read it a few years ago, and I still recall my horror at the maggot infested ham AND how the mom hid her consumption of the Hershey bar.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison. I actually happen to go to that school, and I've read Three Little Words and am in the Bookworm club as well. It was pretty cool to be recognized as a school on the web, so thanks for the shout out! And by the way, not only does the HCRHS bookworm club read and discuss books, but they also read and review books that haven't yet been published. We're one of fifteen schools in the nation that are part of this program. It's a huge honor, and pretty cool to think about.

I also saw that you mentioned banned book week on your sight. We celebrated that in my English class by debating the issue of book censorship; we gained some viewpoint on the issue by reading Mark Mathabane's article, "If You're Going to Assign My Book, Don't Censor It."

Thanks again!


Alison said...

Catherine -- Middle school is tough, but I wonder if another book might have sparked more interest? I love this idea so much, I would have to say try it again! Don't give up.

Anonymous -- I am SO happy that you came by my post and chose to comment! Now, not only am I impressed by your One School, One Book idea, I am also blown away by your ARC program, and the straight forward look at censorship. I am not in your district, but I am close by, and could not be more proud of the good work you're doing! I am e-mailing our high school today to find out if we have anything like this. Something tells Book Worms at HCHS are special! I'll be keeping tabs on your website, but feel free to e-mail me any time with thoughts, suggestions, and updates to what you're up to!

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