Monday, November 23, 2009

Book To Movie Review: New Moon

I read. I saw. I swooned.

I'm a Jacob girl. Always was. These last few days, I've been finding my wagon is a little more crowded that it was before. Hmmm. Just so we're clear, I will not call him Taylor Lautner until February 2010, when he turns 18 and officially becomes an adult. Until then, he will be the FICTIONAL character, Jacob Black, who it is not at all creepy to cause me to swoon.

First and foremost, I just have to say that the New Moon movie was leaps and bounds better than the Twilight movie. Was it the new director? Could be. Was it the werewolves? Maybe. Was it a whole lotta Jacob running around without his shirt? Oh yeah.

Back when I was trying to convince my friends to join me in reading the Twilight series, I got a lot of moaning and groaning about New Moon, the book. Well, I have to say that the movie has not only done the book justice, but I actually think that it has brought previous New Moon critics around! It was not my favorite book in the series, but this big screen installment is going to be tough to beat.

What was everyone's complaint about the book? The lack of Edward. What did I love about the movie? The lack of Edward. No offense, Robert Pattinson, but your pained grimace, sparkly skin and longing looks were not missed. Instead, we got biceps, warmth, a winning smile and, best of all, a sense of humor.

The only Cullen with a funny bone is Emmett, and we never see nearly enough of Emmett, in my opinion. I like a man that makes me laugh. Sue me. Since the entire Twilight series shows him as a minor character, I'm going to have to take the side of the funny guy with a heartbeat.

Now, I was lucky enough to have enjoyed my first screening of New Moon with my BFF. We were pleased that the movie closely followed the book, as I'm sure other fans were excited about as well. The few changes that were made were not only necessary, but worked really well and did not deviate from the original 563 page story in any major way. The first thing the BFF said to me when the movie got going was, "how are they going to fit this whole book into the movie?!?" The first thing I said to her was, "Woah, Jacob." I was a little distracted by the man-boy with no shirt.

Luckily, instead of being completely distracted, Kristen Stewart's Bella seems to shine with Jacob. A lot less brooding, pouting, and breathy sighing this time around...thank goodness! See? Both Bella and Kristen are better off with Jacob!

So, in short, we got better acting, a great director, awesome effects, and a movie that will make fans of the book extremely satisfied.

Loved it!

Now I'm looking forward to Eclipse, due out June 30, 2010!

For more, Visit the official New Moon movie website.

Stephenie Meyer's Official site is here.

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Sheri said...

I will readily admit that I am not a Jacob fan, but I loved this movie too. Not only did his shirtless-ness make my inner 16 y/o swoon (see, my inner teen, not creepy at all) but I also thought they did a wonderful job developing his character and the relationship between him and Bella. I think the film was very true to the book and the depth of relationship, the emotion and the chemistry that was lacking in the first film was evident in this one. Unfortunately it was between Bella and Jacob, leaving people saying "Edward who?" How soon we all forget! I, for one, hope Edward will be back with a vengeance in June, ready to dazzle us all. I have high hopes for Eclipse and the playing out of the love triangle (tent scene, anyone?) that it will be as true to the book and as well done as New Moon was.


Doug Bratton said...

OK, you convinced me...I will be a Jacob guy.

christine(booktumbling) said...

I am going to have to give in and read the books. My friend let me borrow all of hers with a high recommendation and I just haven't made the time to take the dive. She is a Jacob fan also!

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