Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bloggiesta: Day 3

Good Morning, Pedro!

I got my coffee and my books.  That's always how I like to start my Sundays! 

Today is Day 3 of  the Bloggiesta Challenge, hosted by Natasha at Maw Books Blogs.   Yesterday was a tough day for me.  While I spent a lot of time working on the Bloggiesta, I had some technical difficulties, and creative roadblocks.  Thus, I did not necessarily complete projects, but I am a lot further along in getting them to completion.   Some very good friends came over last night, so I feel refreshed this morning and ready to work.

First a little re-cap.  Here are the mini-challenges I have worked on and/or completed up to this point:

Pam from – There is nothing worse than seeing your post on somebody else’s blog. Talking about blog copyright and what you need to be doing to protect yourself.

Beth from Beth Fish Reads – Using categories & labels to find what you’re looking for

Jackie from Farm Lane Books – Do not lose it all! How to back up your blog.

I added my own "Share This" widget.  This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, and something that I've been able to help other bloggers with.  It took me two hours to figure out, hopefully it won't take other bloggers half as long!
Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog – 2010 Resolutions. You know you got them!  (I have more below)

   Part A - Many thanks to Kate at The Never Ending Shelf for patiently trying to help me add tabs. The tabs for easy navigation aren't so easy to add to this blog. I'm still working on it, but I had to thank Katie for all her help!

Jill at Fizzy Thoughts – Just when you thought the feed reader was halfway managed Jill asks you to visit other bloggers. Google Reader is a little out of control, I need to clean it up.

Here are the mini-challenges I will be working on today:

Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog – 2010 Resolutions. You know you got them!  I HAVE to write my review policies and FTC Statements.  I want to  put a few tabs into my blog for easy navigation, but today, I'm calling in the experts for help (my brother-in-law, who is a god in all things geeky.)!

Trish from Hey Lady! Watcha Readin’? – What the heck are favicons and gravatars and why you should have them.,,,  I want a favicon!  Again, I'm calling in the experts on this one.  I know what I want my Logo to be, but I think I'm going to take out the camera (my second passion next to books) and make my own.  It would not only be poor form, but illegal to improperly use someone else's image.  The only way I can be sure of that is to create my own.  Wish me luck. 

Here are the mini-challenges that are on-going:

Pam from MotherReader - Blogging is about community, so check out this Comment Challenge (watch for a Mr. Linky to be up on Saturday for you to complete this challenge).

  -  Whenever I have suffered technological or creative meltdowns this weekend, I take a few minutes to cruise around our community and comment on some other blogs.  The only downside is I'm finding even more great things to do...I'll put them on my list for Bloggiesta 2011

Chelle from Tempting Persephone – You have some great content. But can people find it? Here’s showing off the best of the best.

Ruth from Bookish Ruth – Have you ever had your blog anaylzed? Now’s the chance!  (When I'm all finished updating my blog on Sunday, I'm going to get a blog score, which I will share with everyone - good or bad.  I'm keeing my fingers crossed!)

Write New Reviews:  I need to write 5 New Reviews this weekend and get caught up.  I already have post-dated 3, but I need to get 5 more in the tank before the weekend is over!   I am not nearly as behind as some other bloggers (22 reviews behind??) but I am writing them...slowly but surely. 


Alison said...

- FTC Statement: Done
- 1 Review: Done


Alison said...

- Another review written
- Changed my "book of the week" on sidebar

More to do...

Alison said...

- Ranked my blog. Not too shabby, but not so great that I'm ready to share it.

- Wrote one more review!

- Added Meta trackers (thanks Ruth!)

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