Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scholastic Summer Challenge

Summer is around the corner...are you ready?

Not only am I a book lover, but I'm the proud mom of two boys who love books.  I don't think there are many moms that feel more passionately than I do about reading, but Scholastic brings the Summer Reading Challenge to a whole new level.  Visit the Scholastic website to Join the Challenge!

Check out the Parents' Page

Check out the Teachers' Page

Is your Governor's Spouse one of the 42 Summer Reading Ambassadors?
Hooray for New Jersey's First Lady, Mary Pat Christie!

Scholastic is also a proud supporter of a non-profit organization called Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) as well as National Summer Learning Association.  Scholastic is challenging kids to Read for the World Record, to help keep kids reading and learning all summer long. Launched on April 30th, the Scholastic Summer Challenge is a free summer reading program with a robust online community for kids, plus expert advice, engaging activities on Facebook and summer book lists for parents, and resources for librarians and educators.

Read with your child, swap books with your child, or read to your child.
Here's a great place to start:

Did you know that two-thirds of low-income children in the U.S. have no books in their homes?  Learn more about Reading is Fundamental at


Debbie T said...

Thank you for the links, I'm going to sign R & A up for that this summer.

Happy Birthday Author said...

Thanks for following my blog. And thanks for the Scholastic summer reading info! My family loves summer reading programs.

Jen G. said...

I'm so excited! We have a First Gentleman in North Carolina! And he's a sponsor for this!

I don't have kids, but I used to love my little library's summer reading program.

Beverly said...

I wish every parent had this attitude! I am hoping to have a successful turn out for using this as our summer reading program for middle school and maybe even a few high schoolers - wish me luck!

Alison's Book Marks said...

I wish all the parents and teachers luck with whatever summer reading program they choose!

Please also check out your local library for more summer reading programs.

We are also luck to have the Somerset Patriots, Atlantic League Baseball team, have a summer reading program with BASEBALL TICKETS as an incentive.

I want to know which 8 Governors' spouses have NOT signed up for this program -- what gives?

Mary (The Sweet Bookshelf) said...

My niece takes this challenge every summer through her library! She is such a star and she has such a great time too!

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