Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keep Kids Learning this Summer!

OK, parents this one's for you!

I am a big believer of keeping those little brains active during the summer breaks, especially when they are young little sponges eager to learn!  Education starts at home. Especially with math and science scores dropping, more and more kids need extra help and an early start. 

A few weeks ago at BEA, as things were winding down, I put on the Mommy hat and strolled over to the Children's Educational area.  Wow.  So much to take in!  So many activity books and science kits and educational craft project ideas! 

I stopped and chatted for a while with the people of Kumon, who were kind enough to send several of their activity books to my boys:

The day the package arrived in the mail, my boys tore into the books.  The books are broken into segments, each building on the one previous.  The books are age appropriate, yet challenging. 

About Kumon:
The heart of the Kumon learning system is a curriculum of more than twenty clearly defined skill levels and hundreds of short assignments spanning material from preschool all the way up to college. With each assignment, your child advances in small, manageable increments.

For More on their Activity Books, visit:  Kumon Books
You can also follow Kumon on Facebook:  http://facebook.com/KumonPublishing and Twitter:  http://twitter.com/KumonPublishing

We also received our Summer Bridge books in the mail, which I ordered through the school as a fundraiser.  I would have ordered these books even if it weren't a fundraiser.  We have been doing them every summer for the last three years, and are some of my kids' favorites.

These books are from Carson-Dellosa Publishing:

The boys were excited about these books as well, as they have reward stickers throughout and span all areas of learning.  If you're looking for a comprehensive workbook that spans all subjects, is colorful, and entertaining, check out these books by clicking on the above link.


I have a future Engineer on my hands, a boy who loves math and science and building things with his hands.  What kid doesn't?  I thought I walked into Mommy heaven when I came into The Workman Publishing booth and saw some of the educational (shh) and FUN things they have for kids. 

We already have some of the Brain Quest decks and are a MUST for those long car rides to the beach!

Potato Chip Science?  How cool is this? 

You can follow Workman Publishishing on Twitter, You Tube, and Facebook.

Learning can be fun!  Enjoy!


Melina said...

We always do workbooks in the summer. We have had those bridge ones before and lots of others too. My brother has the Scholastic Summer Express ones this year.

Alison's Book Marks said...

Melina, thank you for stopping by! I haven't tried the Scholastic Summer Express books yet, thanks!

Heather J. said...

I REALLY wanted to get Potato Chip Science for Kiddo but I never did get over to that booth to find it - it looks SO cool!

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