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Blog Tour: Welcome author Erica Perl!

Welcome author Erica Perl!

Ida  is going to her first day of Kindergarten and takes along her imaginary friend Dotty, a spotted pal with horns. She finds that a lot of other classmates have imaginary friends too! But as the year passes, fewer and fewer imaginary friends come to class and Ida begins to wonder if Dotty is welcome at school anymore…

Thanks so much for inviting me to visit your blog. I’ve enjoyed a lot of your reviews and I’m honored to be here. I also hear you have a son starting kindergarten TODAY – woo hoo! That is a big deal and I want to be first in line to offer my heartiest congratulations.

As you know, my new picture book, Dotty, begins on the first day of the school year. A girl named Ida walks to school with Dotty, her big, spotted, extremely loyal imaginary friend. She meets her teacher, Ms. Raymond, and her classmates, several of whom also have imaginary friends in tow! But as the year goes on, the imaginary friends start to disappear… all except Dotty, who has no intention of going anywhere. This leads to teasing and trouble on the playground, and a surprise ending. I won’t give it away, but I’ll just say that Ms. Raymond may be an even more perceptive and thoughtful teacher than Ida could have imagined. And Dotty might not need to leave after all (which is good news because I, for one, am very attached to her… Julia Denos did an amazing job illustrating this book!).

To give you a little background on Dotty, I wanted to write a story about imaginary friends because as a kid, I had them and they were great comforts to me at different times. But I also wanted to write a book about the pressure kids often feel to give up “babyish” things or to prove that they are “grown up” by outgrowing things they used to need or care about, like a special blanket or, in Ida’s case, an imaginary friend.

I still have lots of my “baby” things, including my teddy bear, a collection of my favorite childhood books, and several old friends (these ones are of the visible variety). I treasure these friendships even though we live all over the map -- one is even in Hong Kong. I’m sure your son will make some great friends at school. And if one of them happens to have horns and big red spots, well, let him know that she’s a friend of mine, too!

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Many thanks to Abrams Books for Young Readers for introducing me to Erica Perl and Dotty! 

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