Friday, September 10, 2010

Product Review: Hide-a-Cover

Good morning, book lovers! 

Are you ashamed of reading Twilight...again?  How can you bring your Harlequin romance into the pre-school to read while you wait for your little one?  Have you SEEN some of those steamy covers??  Have no fear, Hide-a-Cover is here!

These caught my attention a few weeks ago, and I had to check them out for myself.  Jenni at Hide-a-Cover was gracious enough to send me one of my very own.   Here is the one she sent me...

What are you trying to say here, Jenni? Do you think I should be reading more smut? My husband would probably agree with you!

I am not the most coordinated, or gentle, when it came to putting the cover onto my trashy paperback, but the Hide-A-Cover held up!  The outer cover is a plastic sleeve, and the design is under that. You do have to be a bit careful not to rip the paper on which the design is printed when you insert your book.  Unfortunately, when I tried to hide a hardcover, I pulled a little too hard, and it ripped a bit.  Lesson learned.  My bad.  The hide-a-cover is sized more for a trade paperback.

I though these covers were fun, and while I am not ashamed of anything I read - no matter how silly I might look reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid - I think these are great gifts for the book lovers in your life!

Here are some other sample book covers:

To get one of your very own, visit the website:  Hide-a-Cover

Thank you, Jenni, for sharing Hide-a-Cover with me!

*Disclosure:  A review sample was provided by the company.


bermudaonion said...

How cute!

Lydia Sharp said...

Love this. :)

Amy said...

very, very cool! Funny thing is, I like to show my covers! I try to get street cred that way! LOL

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