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Review: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling (Audio)

Fun audio!

Prior to the publication of Mindy Kaling's book, I did not know her as anything other than Kelly Kapoor on The Office, one of the funniest shows on TV. Even still, I didn't realize the large role she has played in the show's success. She is the "quadruple threat" in Television: actress, writer, director and producer.  The new show, The Mindy Project, is her new baby.

IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME? is Mindy's story so far. She talks about her relatively normal upbringing, her childhood as a chubby kid, the adolescent who was obsessed with all things comedy, the student at Dartmouth, and the wide-eyed talented anti-ingenue.

She has a self-depricating humor similar to that of Tina Fey, but edgier and all her own.  I'm sure being compared to Tina Fey and Amy Pohler is very cool, but she has her own brand of hilariousness, which comes out shining in her book.

Her chapter titles include: "I Am Not An Athlete," "The Exact Level of Fame I Want," and, my personal favorite, "Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities." For almost eight years, Mindy lived with her best girl friends, and their relationships had their own Code of Conduct, including the right and responsibility, "If our phone conversation gets disconnected there's no need to call back. I get it. You get it.  We take forever getting off the phone anyway. This was a blessing." (This happens to me and my sister all the time, and it's understood, no call-back needed!)  But my personal favorite Best Friend Right and Responsibility, "I will hate and re-like people for you. But you can't get mad at me if I can't keep track."  (In my world, this is the equivalent of Friending and Un-Friending someone on Facebook for my best friends. Yes, I have done that, purely out of love. If I have un-friended you on Facebook, chances are high you have wronged my BFF in some way.)

I'm already a huge fan of memoirs and bios narrated by their celebrity authors - Tina Fey, Rob Lowe, Carrie Fisher, you get the idea.  So, when I saw Mindy Kaling's book, I knew it would have to be audio for me, but I didn't know when.  The when became easy. I had just read a string of really good, heavy books, and I was reading a print YA. I was ready for an audio that would offer me something light and funny - Hello, Mindy!

She's the perfect narrator. Her voice is funny and natural, and not at all annoying.  Some actresses have a great voice for dialogue, but alone on an audiobook for 5 hours is not ideal.  My only wish is now I want to hear her sing, and there is no singing on the audiobook. Mindy also has appearances on her audiobook by Michael Schur, a writer/producer/director on The Office, SNL, and Parks and Rec, as well as BJ Novak, another actor/writer/producer on The Office and The Mindy Project.

I feel like I'm friends with Mindy now.  It's a really good thing I'm not in danger of bumping into her on the street, because she would definitely think I was a stalker by my comfort level.

I highly recommend this audiobook. It's quick, it's funny, and it will give you an appreciation for the comedy genius that is Mindy Kaling.

Book Extras:
Mindy Kaling's Website , Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

About the Audio Book:

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

Narrated By: Mindy Kaling, Michael Schur, BJ Novak
  • Audible Audio Edition
  • Listening Length: 4 hours and 37 minutes
  • Program Type: Audiobook
  • Version: Unabridged
  • Publisher: Random House Audio
  • Release Date: November 1, 2011

About the Book:
  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Three Rivers Press (September 18, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0307886271
  • ISBN-13: 978-0307886279

About the Author: (from publisher)
MINDY KALING is an Emmy-nominated writer and actress on NBC's The Office. She is also the creator and star of a new show, FOX's The Mindy Project. You can find her on Twitter (@mindykaling), or at her desk pretending to be writing a screenplay but actually online shopping with a memorized credit card number. She resides in Los Angeles.
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