Review Policy

Review Policy
Updated August 2011

Below is my review policy. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, what have you, my email address is

In short, I review anything that is being read in my home...

Self-Published Books:  I am not able to review self-published books at this time.

Requested Books:  If I request a specific book, I will review it.

E-Books: I have an iPad!  That being said, I still prefer to read actual books.

Audio Books:  I am now open to reviewing audiobooks!!  I accept both CDs and Digital downloads.

Genres:  This blog has expanded my reading horizons, so there is little I will not read.  I read literary fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, biographies, fantasy, mysteries, series, YA, MG, and graphic novels.  (I especially love books that are set during the 1940s). I do not read erotica - I tried to read 50 Shades, it wasn't my thing.  I will not read books that show violence or abuse toward children. Thank you in advance for keeping these books out of my mailbox!! 

Guest Posts and Author Interviews: I am thrilled to accept guest posts and author interviews. Contact me and we can talk.

Blog Tours:  I'm open to participating in blog tours.

Timing:  If sent a book for review, I will do my best to post the review in a timely manner.  Life happens, though.  Unless I give a specific date, as for a blog tour or author event, I will do my best to post the review as close to publication date as I can. 

Visibility:  ALL the books that are sent to me, whether I can read them or not, will get some exposure on my blog:  In My Mailbox (Sundays), What Are You Reading (Mondays), Currently Reading (Sidebar), and the Review itself.  I have an average of 6,000 page loads per month (as of June 2011).  I am open to posting other media (book trailers, contests, author events, etc.).   I will also post the review to:
        -  Amazon
        -  Goodreads
        -  Get Glue
        -  Twitter
        -  Facebook
        -  Pinterest
        -  Google+

Nature of reviews: My reviews are honest, regardless of where the copy comes from. I will give the same attention, criticism and praise to a book I borrowed from the library as I will to an ARC sent to me by a publisher.

A Note on Negative Reviews: I post negative reviews. Even if I do not like a particular book, I give every book I read and its author the utmost respect. I will state what specifically I did not like about the book, and will suggest an audience that may like it more than I did. If I can find them, I will post links to other bloggers' reviews with opinions different from my own.

Parents’ Note: On children’s books and YA, I might add a parents note if I find something that I want to bring to a parent’s attention. I am in no way censoring a book, challenging a book, or suggesting the book be kept from a particular audience. Some content may cause me to ask parents to read the book with their teen/child and discuss the content or simply be aware of what their children are reading. (Books are great conversation starters for tough topics!)

Rating system: I do not currently have a rating system. If you see my rating on Goodreads or Amazon, please note that very few books receive a full-star rating. I am not a reviewer that only gives high marks.

Review schedule: I post between two and four full reviews a week, depending on my reading time and book length.

What if I can't finish the book? If I can not finish a book, for whatever reason, I will not review it. There are reviewers that feel they have gotten enough from reading a part of the beginning, a part of the middle, and part of the end. I don’t work that way. I will do my best to read – and finish – any book that is sent to me.

Blog stats as of July 2012: My blog gets approximately 10,000 hits per month

Compensation / FTC: I receive no compensation for any review that appears on this blog. I am a member of two affiliate programs: Indiebound, and Amazon.  I will state when I have received a book from a publisher or publicist in exchange for nothing more than an honest review.

AdSpace:  Blogging has some costs associated with it; therefore, I plan to open my blog up to Ad Space in the near future (3rd Q 2013).  If you are interested in purchasing ad space, please contact me via e-mail.

Copyright: All content (text and photos) is my own, and I hold the copyright thereto. If you would like to post my reviews on another site, you must contact me first. I almost always agree, but I need to know where my work is being published, and I expect a link back to my own blog. Short quotations that are within the bounds of copyright restrictions can be used on book jackets and other promotional material. Please attribute all quotations to "Alison’s Book Marks"— please include the URL to the review.

Freelance Writing:  I have started to do some freelance writing.  If you would like me to write a review, press release, blog post, or article for your site or publication, please contact me.

PR Work:  I have also begun doing publicity work for books and authors.  I have not yet reviewed on my blog any of the books I am working on.  If I choose to do so in the future, I will clearly state that I am actively working in the promotion of the book and its author.  If you would like to use my services in the promotion of your book, please contact me.

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